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Best VPS in Thailand on solid state drives (SSDs) and fast dedicated servers in Thailand.

Better Thai VPS Plans

If you need to run advanced websites or applications, buy a VPS in Bangkok from us.

We have high-performance options with solid state drives (SSDs), providing stability and speed for running large-scale operations.

With the extra resources included, websites and applications should load faster no matter your location. However, those targeting the Asia market will find loading speeds greatly improved after changing to a VPS Thai hosting plan. With Thailand data centers and international ping times of less than 300ms, websites load quickly for all visitors.

VPS Thailand
Pricing Plans

VPS Thai Plans & Dedicated Servers in Thailand

VPS Thai & Server Plans

Features Include

1x Free Thai IP

Extra Thailand IPs Available

Shared or Dedicated Bandwidth

Local/International Connection Upgrades

24×7 English Support

Thailand VPS Hosting

Powerful & Affordable

Starting at


512MB-8GB RAM Storage

20-120 GB Disk Space

10-120 GB Backup Space

1-8TB Transfer Limit

1x Free Thai IP

1-4 CPU Cores

Dedicated Server Thailand

Ultimate Resources

Starting at


8-64GB RAM Storage

1-4 TB Disk Space

2-4 CPU Cores

100 MBPS Network

Unlimited Bandwidth

1x Free Thai IP

Our Server Hosting Services

Thailand Servers & Thailand VPS Plans Include:

VPS Thai & Thailand Dedicated Servers - Home - 6

Linux OS

The systems offered for VPS Thai plansare Linux-powered (CentOS, Debia and Ubuntu for example) and are therefore more secure and less prone to outage. Furthermore, working with software libraries is simple on these systems. Each plan is made using Linux Containers (such as LXC)

VPS Thai & Thailand Dedicated Servers - Home - 8

Full Control

With a Thailand VPS server, you can choose how to set up the server and whether to backup it, reboot it, and manage it as you prefer. The server is allocated with the resources you desire (upgrades and downgrades are possible), so that websites hosted on it stay fast and online.

VPS Thai & Thailand Dedicated Servers - Home - 10

Unlimited Support

A team of specialists and a front-line customer service team are behind every plan. We’re here for you year-round, with knowledge and abilities that exceed your expectations.

Web Hosting Thailand

Thai Server Hosting Plans Include:

VPS Thai & Thailand Dedicated Servers - Home - 12

Large Storage Quotas

VPS Thai & Thailand Dedicated Servers - Home - 14

CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, Ubuntu

VPS Thai & Thailand Dedicated Servers - Home - 16

Full Root & Shell Access (SSH)

VPS Thai & Thailand Dedicated Servers - Home - 18

PHP/Perl/Python/ Support

VPS Thai & Thailand Dedicated Servers - Home - 20

Great Network Uptime

VPS Thai & Thailand Dedicated Servers - Home - 22

Unlimited MySQL Databases

VPS Thai & Thailand Dedicated Servers - Home - 24

Perfect for High-Speed WordPress

VPS Thai & Thailand Dedicated Servers - Home - 26

Unlimited Bandwidth

VPS Thai & Thailand Dedicated Servers - Home - 28

DDoS Mitigation

VPS Thai & Thailand Dedicated Servers - Home - 30

Year-Round Tech Support & Server Monitoring

Testimonials from Client Area Customer Feedback

Servers in Bangkok Data Centers

All servers are hosted in data centers in Bangkok. When you order from us, you get a genuine Thailand VPS or Thailand server.

Thai VPS Hosting is the perfect solution for businesses in Thailand or Asia that need a fast and reliable web hosting solution. Our VPS in Thailand plans offer a variety of features that make it perfect for businesses, including

Reliable Servers — Fast SSD Disk Space — Generous Bandwidth — 24×7 Customer Support — 99.9% Up-Time

Thai VPS Hosting is a great way to get a Thai VPS server in a safe and reliable environment. Our VPS Thai hosting is known for its great performance and reliability. Servers are located in Thailand, which gives you an optimal connection to the Thai and Asian markets. However, please note, this is not a cloud VPS Thai setup, these are separate VPS containers hosted on powerful dedicated servers in Bangkok, Thailand.

If you’re looking for a reliable, high-quality VPS Thai provider, look no further than our team at 21st-Thailand.com. We offer the best VPS Thai hosting options available, and our servers are located in the beautiful country of Thailand. Plus, our team is dedicated to providing superior customer service and support. Whether you’re a businessperson or individual looking for a secure and reliable online environment, we are the perfect choice.

VPS Thai & Thailand Dedicated Servers - Home - 37

We only use servers in Bangkok and are running on top quality hardware providing faster website loading. The combination of a fast DNS network, modern servers, phenomenal up-times, and a data center with high speed internet connections is delivering highly reliable, secure, accessible and blazing fast servers to our clients.

All this, and our Thai hosting is still providing cheap VPS Thailand plans in comparison to many other providers.

Our ultra fast servers can lead to your business getting more sales due to faster page loading times.

VPS Thai & Thailand Dedicated Servers - Home - 39

Fast, Reliable, and affordable Web Hosting in Thailand since 2007

By hosting in Thailand with us, you are getting access to superior hosting, customer support staff that genuinely care about your success, and cheap hosting prices that fit your budget.Finding reliable hosting is hard. However, our server up-times are monitored and our team works hard to keep everything working optimally. The server team is constantly updating software, adding extra features and tweaking security to keep your data safely online in the ever-changing world of the internet.

Website hosting in Thailand with 21st Thailand is made easy with the full client area control panel (menu system) and professional support. Our VPS web hosting Thailand plans are some of the best value in the market.

Ultra fast Bangkok servers can lead to your business getting more sales due to faster page loading times and a more enjoyable user experience. All of our Thai hosting plans can be upgraded. However, if you choose a mid-high range plan at the start, it means that your server resources allow for your websites and businesses to grow without hindrance.

VPS Thai & Thailand Dedicated Servers - Home - 39

“We do not strive to be the biggest – We strive to be the best Thai VPS provider“

21st Thailand Hosting aims to provide a personal and friendly service. Please feel free to contact us.

Monitored Servers | 99.9% Uptime | English Speaking Support

We offer flexible RAM and hard drive space on VPSs, as well as unlimited domains and bandwidth options. Get your own dedicated IP address and a server that’s physically located on Thailand servers.


*Note that the reviews on this page are real, but the names, photos, or positions may have been changed or *** out to protect client privacy.

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