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Easy cPanel Website Setup


All of our Thailand webhosting plans provide easy to use cPanel hosting with Softaculous installation scripts. Softaculous helps users easily install some of the most popular website platforms (content management systems) and other extras. It is literally as simple as picking the icon of the software that you want to install on you web hosting, and then clicking on the icon to install it. This will then be followed by a few questions about the user and the website to be created, such as administrator user details, the title of the website, updates and backup options. After filling out the requested information, Softaculous will install and setup the chosen software on your hosting.


Some of the more popular website platforms and software are listed below, but in our system there are over 40 options provided:



Wordpress Hosting in Thailand


WordPress is a free website content management system (CMS). By installing WordPress on your hosting account, you instantly gain access to an incredible tool that makes website and blogs easy to create and manage. WordPress started out as a blog platform, but today is far more. WordPress makes it easy to design and create a website – even for complete novices – as the website editor looks like a word processor (such as MS Office, WPS etc.). This means those that can use a word processor, can create a website with WordPress. The simplicity of the system makes it ideal for novice users, but the diversity of tweak-able features and plugins means that it is often used by advanced developers as well.


As the system has been around for a long time, there are also a mass of free guides and videos online that teach everything from basic WordPress website creation, to advanced SEO and sales funnel development. Some of the key features of WordPress include:


– Blocks and drag-and-drop page creation (no HTML required)
– Easy to install updates
– Easy publishing
– Plugins that can add a multitude of features (from contact forms, to high end sales funnels)
– Search Engine Optimization (the basics options are OK, but plugins can help perfect SEO)
– Comments areas are provided below pages as standard
– Import content from other websites/blogs
– Multy language admin area
– Integration of social media, maps, and more
– Convenient media management: Add photos and graphics
– Totally change the look of a website with themes – many of which are mobile device responsive (websites resize to the screen)
– A mass of tutorials are available online: Theme install guides, setup guides, YouTube videos etc.
– Powerful security and plugins to keep websites secure



Easily install Joomla on your affordable Thai hosting.


Joomla is another extremely popular CMS (Content Management System) that allows people to easily develop their dream website. The full range of features make it easy to create website solutions. By installing Joomla on your 21st Thailand web hosting account, you get instant access to these features:


– Responsive website themes
– Easy text and image editing
– Multiple language administration area
– Integration of social media, maps, and analytics
– Supportive community
– Tutorials for all the setup steps and through to more advanced features



Soholaunch helps build your website on our web hosting in Thailand.


Soholaunch website builder is a comprehensive and integrated platform that was developed especially for creating websites. Many of the features interlink and it has most things a developer would need, all of which are already built into the platform. By installing Soholaunch on your web hosting, you have the ability to create fully featured websites. Features of this website builder include:


– Create pages using drag-and-drop technology (no HTML knowledge required)
– Members Only area development
– Cart systems are built in
– Photo album display
– Blog manager
– Social network share buttons
– Email marketing features
– Easy backup
– Plugins to expand features
– Search engine optimization



Magento Commerce platform


Magento is a leading e-commerce platform that provides users with numerous options to help improve sales, customer interaction, and to offer visitors a range of payment solutions. They can also provide in-store payment solutions for real world shops, website carts, and order management systems. Magento is for more advanced users, as although they provide templates to setup a basic website, these will need to be styled and adapted by editing some of the code; such as PHP, HTML, etc..



Use Oscommerce with our Thai website hosting.


osCommerce is a website development software for e-commerce websites (online stores). The content management system uses add-ons to allows users to produce easily customize-able websites with numerous add-on features.


Zen Cart

Add Zen-Cart to our cPanel hosting in Thailand.


Zen Cart was previously a part of osCommerce, but is now an independent online store management system. The setup offers a full template system, allowing developers/owners to customize the appearance and functionality of websites with responsive themes and templates. These themes and templates can be used to create different styles of website, all with a popular cart system as the back-end.



Drupal is a popular CMS.


Drupal is a diverse content management system that allows users to create websites using modules that integrate with, and also expand the features of the base site. These themes and modules work in a similar way to themes and plug-ins do in WordPress. Drupal provides easy content editing for users, but can be modified and expanded to develop fully featured websites. The Dupal system uses latest HTML, is multilingual, provides easy authoring and editing via the content editors, webpage speed optimization, and comes with themes that are mobile ready.


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