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Chiang Mai Web Hosting – For The Startup Hub

Chiang Mai has always been a popular destination in Thailand. For many years the expat community has expanded rapidly. However, in recent years, there has been significant development towards tech based companies in the area. As it continues to attract more and more tech nomads and startups, the demand for web hosting in Chiang Mai is also increasing.

What are the Benefits for Tech Startups/Nomads?

Chiang Mai is not new to expats. So, some of the initial benefits are being able to live in an a modern developed area with many of the comforts of home … all with the lifestyle and scenery that only Thailand can offer. If you feel like a burger, some Italian food, or even your favorite snacks from your home country, there is a high chance that someone is providing it in Chiang Mai. This is also true of technology, home appliances, and modern services.

Aside from the obvious home comforts, Chiang Mai infrastructure is quite good too. Modern road systems, its own airport, co-working spaces, serviced offices, afordable business services and more. This all helps someone to get started with less headaches! And often on a smaller budget than in many of the smaller areas of Thailand – especially where a full company startup is required. The government’s BOI (Board of Investment) system is also helping many tech companies save costs and employ the skills they need from anywhere in the world. Once open, the company and staff can be based anywhere in Thailand and the BOI helps to simplify doing business. They do have requirements, but as Thailand wants to attract tech experts, the IT sections are really quite realistic, even for small startups.

While our servers aren’t actually in Chiang Mai, our webhosting is perfect for those doing business in Thailand or nearby. The servers are located in Bangkok and are also kept at a low occupancy. This means that even our basic plans provide a stable and quite quick hosting service – ideal for low traffic/resource sites, or testing new projects. However, for the serious startup or entrepreneur, we recommend opting for the Business or Advanced webhosting plans, as they are on a high-end server with very low occupancy, providing exceptionally fast hosting in Thailand.

Thanks for reading, we wish you luck and hope that your next web project will be with us.