COVID19 – Thai Web Hosting Update

Web hosting Thailand COVID19 Update


Has COVID19 Impacted Your Thai Business?

COVID19 has continued for far longer than most imagined possible. It has been a rough year for businesses around the world, especially those in areas under severe restrictions or lock-downs.


We have seen a lot of business closures and sales in Thailand, but also a lot of opportunities and new business growth. Things are likely to stay partially locked down for a while (in most areas of the globe), and we understand that this could make things difficult.


How can we help?

If your business is struggling and you are using our Thai shared hosting, we might be able to give you a temporary extension if you are unable to pay an invoice on time. This can allow you the break you need to find funds, without needing to worry that you might lose your web hosting in Thailand.  Please contact us if you are unable to pay on time.


We have also extended the time between being overdue on payments and the termination of the hosting account. This means you have at least 3 months after being suspended before your account will be deleted. If you can pay within this period, your hosting, website and files can be reactivated (this does not cover domain names, only the hosted files).


If you are considering moving your cPanel hosting to us, then we can also help with the transfer. Our team can move everything over to our servers for free. You do not need to move the domain name (unless you want to), and we are able to do cPanel transfers in a way that normally results in zero downtime.


Of course, if you are struggling to pay your existing provider’s hosting bill, then contact us about a one time new customer discount. Depending on the plan you choose and how long you want to pay up front, we can likely offer a great price.



As far as VPSs and dedicated servers go, we have done everything we can to reduce prices to the lowest possible levels. Our partner company owns all the hardware directly and specialist support from experts is provided.


We constantly review our products and pricing. The Thailand VPS plans available are extremely affordable, and we make sure all VPS in Bangkok.


Currently, you can get a virtual private server setup for as little as 299THB – now that’s cheap!


To Wrap Up

We hope this COVID19 situation will improve soon. Deals with nearby countries are helping to increase the Thai economy, especially some recent trade agreements. But, until a vaccine is found, or borders are able to open for another reason, we should all do our best to help each other make it through.


We currently don’t expect any major issues ourselves, but we always recommend anyone with a web business to back up their files and emails often. After all,  websites, apps, and emails are a business’s online assets and it is wise to always keep backups of these things. Even in good economic situations, natural disasters can strike.


Stay safe, and feel free to contact our support if you need help or more time to pay for shared hosting plans (excludes domains and SSLs, as we do not control the expiry date).


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