How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website For Free

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Ever wondered if the speed of a website matters? The truth is that, in this competitive digital world, a little delay is capable of turning visitors away from your website. Imagine that a website is used for marketing purposes. Customers would not have the patience to keep waiting for your page to load when there are faster websites where they could purchase from. Secondly, Google now considers the speed of websites in their page ranking. This means that the rank of your website on google stands a better chance if it’s speed is increased.

Since the importance of the speed of websites has been established, you should take a look at how you can increase the speed of your WordPress website for free.
1. Choose an Appropriate Hosting Company

The choice of your WordPress hosting option is an important determinant of the speed of your website. By using our Thailand website hosting services, you are making a good choice for your customers in Thailand and Asia. We have a reliable, high speed and reputable hosting systems. Choosing us for Asian consumer focused businesses is advisable, as you should try to select a server closer to your target audience for better high-speed website delivery. All our servers are located in Bangkok, making us a great choice for webhosting in Thaiand.
2. Use a Proper WordPress Theme and Framework

The framework of your WordPress website is the skeleton upon which you will build the appearance of any content you wish to display. Some WordPress themes are loaded with flashy animations, complex layouts, and many other features. It is important to note that this type of theme affects the performance of your website. These themes look beautiful and appealing to the eye, but you might not even make use of all those features. It is advisable to use simple themes and then use plugins that would give you the features you need to enhance the speed of your website. Alternatively, compare a few website setups before choosing one (most come with demo setups/content that make basic speed testing easy).
3. Optimize your Images

There is no doubt to the fact that images occupy more space when compared to texts. However, there is a solution to this problem available to any WordPress website owner who wants the site to work more efficiently. WP-Smushit is a free plugin that can help you to reduce the size of all the images automatically while uploading them without tampering with the quality of the images. It can even optimize all images already uploaded. However, as a precaution, we recommend that you keep a backup of the original images and/or current website.
4. Optimize your Homepage

To ensure that your website loads faster, there is a need to reduce the load on the home page. Most times, people load their home pages with things that do not only annoy visitors, but also slows down the website. For better performance, you can reduce the number of posts on the homepage, show excerpts instead of the full post, remove inactive widgets and plugins, turn off pop-ups, and so on.
5. Clean up WordPress Database

Just like changing the oil in your car, the WordPress site’s database needs to be optimized. This means the removal of spams, drafts, post revisions, unapproved comments and items in the trash. This could be done by using plugins such as WP-Optimise, WP-DB Manager, and WP-Sweep. When this is done, more free space will be created, and the site will work faster.
We hope that these suggestions help, but please do your own research before implementing them on your website. Every website is different, and what may work well for one website, could cause a problem for another.
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