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SSL Certificates

Protect your Website Visitors’ Data

What is an SSL Certificate?

A Secure Sockets Layer – or SSL – certificate is a web security protocol that is essential for keeping your website visitors’ sensitive data shielded against identity theft and fraud. The SSL certificate system guards data from prying eyes by providing complete encryption (the scrambling of data, which also prevents tampering between transmission and destination) and website validation (it verifies the business behind the website). SSL certificates can provide various security levels; to meet the security needs of different websites and different company sizes. Often, these features are quite clear to visitors, such as: Site Seals, HTTPS, and a “green bar” – all great visual indicators that a website is protected. However, the certificates also vary by the security level that is provided ‘behind the scenes’.


Regardless of the level you choose, having an SSL certificate installed on your website reassures visitors that it is safe place, which also leads to greater customer confidence and trust in your brand or business.

Before Installing an SSL Certificate

However, before proceeding, if you have an established website, please check with an SEO expert and website developer before installing an SSL certificate. Installing a certificate on an established and ranking website can affect the rankings and possibly reduce customers if the website is setup incorrectly. Installing the certificate is easy. However, the website will also need adjustments as URLs will change, features might stop working, content maybe classed as duplicate (URL redirects maybe required) or not secure (images using http), and other issues can occur.

Domain Validation SSL Certificates

SSL is a popular and important way to secure your website. We provide some of the leading SSL certificates in the industry. Our process is almost completely automated in most cases for the main domain of one of our hosting plans (not addon domains), meaning a hassle-free certificate installation and setup. It is the ideal choice for website owner’s that want to build brand trust.
EXISTING CUSTOMERS: Please order from your 21 Thailand client area under ‘Services’ and then ‘View Available Add-ons’
NEW CUSTOMERS: If you plan to order hosting and/or a domain, SSL Certificates will be offered to you during the order process and setup automatically for the main domain of the hosting plan (addon domains will need client SSL verification and setup).


An SSL certificate must be installed on your web server. Therefore, 100% end-to-end SSL installation support is possible only in cases where the domain is hosted with 21st Thailand. If the domain is hosted with any other provider, the process could still work so long as the domain details match your account details and those provided during the order. If you experience any problems, contact our support team for assistance with SSL installation and verification.
* Existing customers should order from the client area and new customers wanting hosting and/or a domain should order during the hosting order process.
** Only customers wanting ‘just the SSL certificate’ should order here, and if you are not an existing customer, the process may not be automated.

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