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Thailand Dedicated Server Hosting

– Secure the ‘Sole Use’ and Power of a Dedicated Server in Bangkok –

The Powerful and Versatile Solution for Larger Business Websites.A Thailand dedicated server provides maximum speed and flexibility.

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High Traffic Websites

Has your website become popular? When your website turns into a high-traffic site and demands more resources, it can outgrow the traditional use of shared hosting plans.

By upgrading to a Thailand dedicated server, you secure additional resources to keep your site’s performance at optimum levels.

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Larger Ecommerce Websites

When your business is ecommerce, downtime can be expensive. Using a Thai dedicated server gives you room to scale your e-store and handle the higher traffic levels during the busiest times of the year.

If your website is delivering a large amount of content or digital downloads, the last thing you want is a website that is slow or offline during peak sales periods.

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App Development

Most of the world is online now, and this is driving even smaller businesses to develop their own apps.

When you then add to this project management systems, client areas, specialist SaaS apps, AI, and new phone or web applications for productivity and leisure: the need for powerful hosting solutions is growing rapidly.

Thai Server Hosting Price List

Cheap Dedicated Servers in Thailand

Basic Thai Dedicated Server

Affordable dedicated power

Starting at


Intel i3-6100 3.70GHz

(2 Cores)

1 TB SATA3 Disk Space

Unlimited Bandwidth

100 Mbps Network

Business Thai Dedicated Server

For those who need extra power

Starting at


Intel E3–1240v5 3.50GHz

(4 Cores)

2 TB SATA3 Disk Space

Unlimited Bandwidth

100 Mbps Network

RAID Thai Dedicated Server

Ultimate resources and stability

Starting at


Intel E3–1240v5 3.50GHz

(4 Cores)

2x 2 TB SATA3 HD

Unlimited Bandwidth

100 Mbps Network


Customizable Servers

Order Options

Discounts 3m-24m Plans

Customizable Extras

Up to 3x IPv4

Network Upgrades

Thai Server Hosting Advanced Plans

High-End Dedicated Servers in Thailand

Intel Xeon Thai Server

High-end power, but still affordable!

Starting at


Intel Xeon E-2356G – 3.2GHz, 12MB Cache

(6 Cores / 12 Threads)

2 x 1.9 TB Sata SSD

Unlimited Bandwidth

100 Mbps Network

AMD Ryzen Thai Server

Pure power for advanced projects

Starting at
฿ 11900/month


AMD Ryzen 9 7900X, 4.7GHz, 64MB Cache

(12 Cores / 24 Threads)

2 x 1.9TB NVMe M.2 SSD

Unlimited Bandwidth

100 Mbps Network

AMD Epyc Thai Server

Just like its name, this server really is EPIC!

Starting at


AMD Epyc 7443P, 2.85GHz, 128MB Cache

(24 Cores / 48 Threads)

2 x 1.9TB NVMe M.2  SSD

Unlimited Bandwidth

100 Mbps Network


Customizable Servers

Order Options

Discounts 3m-24m Plans

Customizable Extras

Up to 3x IPv4

Network Upgrades

Dedicated Server Hosting Makes Sense

These dedicated Thai servers are big enough to handle almost any need.
With plenty of room to grow, you won’t have to worry so much about RAM, disk space or bandwidth.

Our Services

Included in Thai VPS & Thai Dedicated Server Plans

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Large Storage Quotas

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CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, Ubuntu

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Full Root & Shell Access (SSH)

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PHP/Perl/Python/ Support

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Great Network Uptime

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Unlimited MySQL Databases

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Perfect for High-Speed WordPress

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Unlimited Bandwidth

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DDoS Mitigation

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Year-Round Tech Support & Server Monitoring

If want to find out more and talk with an expert, feel free to Contact.

All server specialists are highly trained and have plenty of experience setting up custom servers. So, if you have pre-sales questions, or need support after ordering, just click the blue ‘Contact’ above and you should get a reply soon (normally in less than 24 hours). These specialists make sure you have the support you need, when you need it.

These setups also permit root access and allow remote management via the IPMI interface … giving you full control over your project.

Check out our VPS Thailand plans as an affordable alternative solution.

*Physical servers are provided by our partner company Thaihosting.asia – with the same setup and support that you would expect from 21st Thailand. Our systems are interlinked, and we are working together to be the best Thailand dedicated server provider, with specialist and knowledgeable support for your Thailand dedicated server (we have separate specialist support for shared hosting clients). It is our plan to continue to expand the hosting options in this region.

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What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a remote server, entirely devoted to a single individual or organization. It is exclusive and is hosted by a cloud or managed service provider.

Owned and operated by a backend provider, a dedicated server allows users to connect to the server over the internet and perform services in an environment that isn’t affected by other users or websites.

Our Thailand dedicated server plans are often used for hosting applications, email, and websites. Websites that are popular or large require more resources, and so a server is ideal for this. Currently, our range of 100mbps dedicated server Asia plans are a great choice for high speed local loading and with good international speeds. These can also be used for the storing of data and as backup services. A dedicated data server may be used for the home too, for providing a suite of services, connecting the smart home, backing up photos etc.

Benefits of having a Thailand Dedicated Server

All types of businesses have to choose from a platitude of options for their websites, mail servers, and web application. An often-chosen option is shared hosting, where several websites share a single server’s resources.

However, if a company in Asia is looking for more power, then Thai dedicated server hosting may be the best option. That said, the company will normally need an employee who knows a reasonable amount about servers, or to hire someone that does to manage their server (servers are provided with a basic OS and need configuration). Alternatively, there are affordable outsourced and freelancer services for setup and management that companies can utilize to reduce costs.

Dedicated server hosting gives the client sole control over the server’s resources. What’s more, they get access to the amount of power that they require (CPU, RAM, and disk space).

As the service provider is tasked with building and maintaining servers, it eliminates any upfront costs for the company. Servers can simply be rented by the month, or for longer periods. Prices also reduce when a dedicated server’s rental fee is paid in advance for 3 months or more.

1) Performance
Compared to other types of hosting, dedicated server hosting almost always comes on top. Many cloud server providers tend to oversell the resources of their servers, leading to degraded performance over time. With a Thailand dedicated server, the performance remains stable and you control exactly what it serves and how it operates.

What’s more, the backend software which is responsible for virtualizing the server for VPSs and shared hosting setups uses system resources of the server, often resulting in resources being taxed somewhat. Whereas, dedicated servers come with zero resource taxes and no overselling. So, you get optimum performance and capacity.

Dedicated hosting is best for websites with high traffic, and allow for maximum uptime. If your website receives a lot of traffic, its best to choose a VPS or dedicated hosting, as these are far more powerful and stable than shared hosting.

2) Security
Security is an integral element for any business or website. Unlike shared hosting, a dedicated server doesn’t reside in a machine with multiple clients, hundreds of websites, and other issues. A properly setup server ensures that your website is safe from IP reputation damage caused by spammers or malicious malware.

As you control the security settings, you can setup the server with enhanced security to fit your company’s needs.

3) Greater Access & Control
Choosing one of the above Thailand dedicated server plans allows you “Root Access” to the server. This root access gives users a greater amount of control over the hardware and software settings. This level of control is not available to the users in shared hosting.

Simply put, dedicated hosting allows you to configure the server and resources as you deem fit.

4) Reliability
Dedicated servers, due to their physical nature, are based in a regulated data center. They have numerous security and backup systems to keep servers online, including power sources to keep the servers up and running, even when local power grids fail.

As you control the dedicated server completely, you control it’s reliability and when you do updates, backups etc. Unlike with shared hosting, where upgrades, updates, backups and optimizations can cause service interruptions at inconvenient times. These things are unavoidable when you run a server, but with a dedicated server you control when and how these procedures are performed.

You also control the power and resource allocation of the server, which means you can ensure that your services always have more power than they should need.

5) Resources are not shared
By renting a Thailand dedicated server, you get full usage of all selected resources. No longer do you have to worry about other websites hogging the processing power and RAM. Dedicated servers also ensure that spikes in the bandwidth usage don’t slow down the flow of your data (unless it exceeds the bandwidth you set). This normally results in more consistent high speed loading of applications and websites.

6) Flexibility
Thai dedicated server hosting allows users to customize the server according to their needs. This pertains to the CPU, RAM, disk space, and software. During the ordering process you can select the level of server and OS that you require. Then, you are free to setup the server how you want.

However, with shared hosting, the software and operating system are already loaded on to the server. This means that the client may be getting options they don’t need, or be lacking the resources or software they require.

A dedicated server allows businesses to tailor the server according to their own needs, giving them more control over the entire configuration.

7) Unique IP address
With shared hosting, clients normally share an IP address with other websites. This means if you are sharing an IP address with a spammer or a malicious websites, sometimes your own website can be affected (such as with reduced email delivery).

With dedicated hosting, you have your own IP address, which means you control your IP’s reputation. Some external systems and service providers also require that your app or website has a dedicated IP.

8) Affordability
A dedicated server provider handles the cost of providing and maintaining the server. This reduces the overhead expenses as well as improves the return on investments, as there is no need to purchase a server yourself, or replace it once it becomes outdated or less stable.

If security, customization, and a steady flow of data matters to your business, it is best to choose a VPS or dedicated hosting.

When deciding on the right dedicated server, its best to map out what you need the server for. It may be hosting emails, eCommerce sites, hosting applications and websites, or backing up data.

  • Operating System
  • CPU[s]
  • Bandwidth
  • Storage
  • Memory


It’s crucial to decide the power of the processor. If your website utilizes Structured Query Language (SQL), or virtualizations, you may need a powerful processor.



Next up is bandwidth. To determine the amount of bandwidth you need, you need to evaluate the amount of traffic your website generates. If you receive a considerable amount of traffic, higher bandwidth is a must. What’s more, if you are planning to incorporate HD pictures in your content, you should get a server with higher bandwidth.



Clients also need to determine how much memory they need. Having more RAM only serves to increase the efficiency of your server, and who doesn’t want that? Getting as much RAM as possible is beneficial, allowing your server to run smoothly and data to load faster.


Operating System:

Deciding what type of Operating System you need depends on your preferences and requirements. Clients can choose between the systems listed above for Linux dedicated servers.



Lastly, clients need to determine before-hand the storage needs of their OS, website, application, and other files.