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How to Protect Your WordPress Website

How vulnerable is your website to attacks? Some may think that their website is too insignificant for hackers to care about, which is partly true in that hackers are less likely to spend all of their time and resources trying to force their way in to a new and undiscovered website. However, if they do […]

Beginner’s Guide to cPanel Hosting

  What is cPanel? If you have dabbled in web hosting before, you’ll have no doubt heard of cPanel and probably used cPanel hosting without really realizing it – but what exactly does this control panel do?   cPanel is a Linux-based control panel for a web hosting account. In other words, it is an […]

cPanel for WordPress Hosting

    WordPress is arguably the most popular blogging program and content management system, which accounts for the rapidly growing number of users with questions.   Before describing how to use cPanel for WordPress hosting, it is essential to have a good understanding of cPanel. Putting it simply, cPanel is an online hosting control panel […]