24/7 Support

We have recently been testing out a new team of support specialists, whom have been providing support to our clients for the last few months. The team has done well, and so we will be continuing the service. This means that all clients using our shared hosting plans get full 24 hour support all year.

web hosting thailand 247 support

To date, we have had very positive feedback from our members about the answers and solutions they received from the support team. So, if you are looking for a hosting provider in Thailand that is able to support you no matter what time it is, check out our shared hosting plans.

On average, an initial response or solution is provided in 10-60 minutes. No longer do you need to wait 2-48 hours for a reply. While for some questions it may not seem that long to wait, it can seem like forever if you website or email doesn’t seem to be working properly.

If you test out our new team, please feel free to provide feedback.

* Dedicated server and VPS clients get ongoing support, but this may not be fully available 24/7, as they get support directly from the server team.

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