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This Privacy Policy is part of your entire agreement with These provisions will govern all privacy and security issues in relation to your access to or use of our Site and Services.


Please carefully review our Terms of Service and our privacy policy before using our Services. Affiliates must also read and agree to affiliate terms. . If you do not want to give your consent, you may not use our Site and Services.


When you access the Site or use any feature or aspect of the Service being offered or made available on this website, 21st Thailand shall be entitled to collect, process, store, share, or disclose your personal information as provided in this Privacy Policy. Accessing the website and it’s services means that you agree to this policy.


In plain English, this means that this policy is an agreement between and you (the client) and that it covers everyone and anyone connected with the operations of and the services provided by


Residents of European Union or United Kingdom regarding GDPR & DPA:

We no longer serve EU or UK residents, due to highly complex tax and legal systems for online businesses selling to businesses or residents of these areas. If you join our website with a European Union or United Kingdom address, you confirm that you are NOT A RESIDENT of the EU/UK (such as, by using a holiday home address, family address, or a contact’s address) and waive all protection rights of EU/UK residents, including DPA or GDPR, and you take sole responsibility for any tax issues that may arise.

Our hosting is focused for those living in Thailand, or those who wish to have hosting in Thailand to target the Thai market. We take your confidentiality seriously. However, your personally identifiable information stored with our company and websites will come under the data protection act of the Kingdom of Thailand only.




At, we are fully committed to protecting any data that we collect concerning you. By using our services you agree to the use of collected information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.




This Privacy Policy will not apply to third-party websites and services, off-line information, or anything you share on social media or public platforms. 21st Thailand also reserves a right to use your public profiles and shared information for its business promotions.



What we may collect

We will collect the minimum amount of personal information commensurate with providing a satisfactory service or improving your overall experience on our Site and Services. This Policy indicates the type of processes that may result in data being collected about you. Your use of this website gives us the right to collect that information.


We may collect your name, address, telephone number, fax number, email address, and other details of your personal, business, or demographic profile that you provide to us depending on the type of transaction you enter into. We may also collect certain non-identifiable user data about your use of the website or other information that may be needed from time to time in order to process your requests.


Domain name registration is handled by the registrar Namecheap, and so by ordering a domain name via our system, you also accept the legal and universal terms of service of Namecheap, along with their privacy policies. This information can be found here:


Namecheap Legal


Namecheap Universal Terms and Privacy


If you do not email to request ID protection, the domain will be setup with public records, meaning that your information will be shown in WHOIS websites. ID protection is not applied automatically, as we do not intentionally sell to the EU or UK. It is also not renewed automatically, and so you can either email us each year before the domain is renewed, or can request we add up to 10 years. Please set a reminder of renewal, such as in a phone or email calendar so that you do not forget to renew identity protection.


Right of Data Access

Users have the right to request disclosure of what information we hold about them and for it to be permanently deleted (so long as this action doesn’t break any laws of the Kingdom of Thailand, including, but not limited to, tax records, invoices etc.).



What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files stored on your device that allow certain website functions to work. Cookies are also used for data tracking, sales tracking, website usage, third party systems (such as payment processors, email lists), etc. Cookies are used as a part of most websites, but can also be turned off should a user not want them.


Our Cookie Policy:

You can disable, enable, and block the use of cookies in your browser at any time. In your browser settings you can set the blocking of cookies, deletion of cookies to date, or simply blocking 3rd party cookies. You may want to delete old cookies and data periodically from within your browser settings (however, this can affect active website logins and websites from working as they did). This can normally be done from within browser’s privacy settings.
* Disabling cookies may affect how websites work, possibly causing errors or for the websites not to function properly. By disabling cookies, you accept this.
Your Internet browser has the in-built facility for storing small files – “cookies” – that hold information which can be used to uniquely identify you on the website and provide the Services. Our website takes advantage of this facility to enhance your experience. You have the ability to prevent your device from accepting cookies
We may use cookies or automated tools to collect information about website users and clients, such as their location, IP, browser version etc.. But, such technologies may only be used for collecting user data related to a users use of our Services and for improving our website and/or marketing strategies. It is very possible that, as some cookies are purely functional and not data gathering tools, that the website won’t work properly for you if you block them (if you block them and change your mind, you can unblock them after and reload the website).
By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies us and our partners or 3rd party cookies, including (but, not limited to):

Tracking sales
Tracking affiliate sales
Operation of our websites
Google analytics – may record your website usage, IP and location, but not other personally identifiable data.


Typical Cookies that may be used:
1) Google Analytics (and other user tracking systems)
2) Affiliate Cookies – if you can from one of our affiliate sellers
3) Google Captcha Cookies – to prevent spam
4) Website operational cookies (required for website operating in a normal way, or for our client area operation)
*third parties (for example, advertising networks and providers of external services such as payment processors or traffic analysis services) may also use cookies. We have no no control over 3rd Party cookies.

*Any or all of these cookies can be individually or entirely erased or blocked within your browser settings (normally under the privacy section).


Users must agree to these terms and cookies in order to fully use this site. If a user chooses the option to use the site without cookies, or blocks the use of cookies for their session, they may lose some functionality with our website. Cookies can be declined on first use via our notice, and will be asked again every 10 days by our notice, or users can be blocked/deleted cookies at any time in the browser.



Information Use

We use the information collected primarily to process the task for which you visited the website. All reasonable precautions are taken to prevent authorized access to this information. However, we provide no guarantee that this information will not be accessed and accept no liability for the access of this information, whatever the reason (unfortunately, in today’s world we can only take reasonable steps – as we see fit – to protect information, but no company can promise that someone couldn’t hack or access said information at some point in time). To assist with safeguarding information, we may require you to provide additional forms of identity should you wish to obtain information about your account details.


Disclosing Information

We do not disclose any personal information obtained about you from this website to third parties, except our trusted partners and service providers involved in the operations of 21st Thailand (such as the data centers, or people/companies providing specific services). We may use the information to keep in contact with you and inform you of developments associated with our business. You will be given the opportunity to opt-out from any mailing list or similar communications.


If at any time in the future we should wish to disclose information collected on this website to any third party, it would only be with your knowledge and consent.


We may from time to time provide information of a general nature (non-identifiable user data) to third parties – for example, the number of individuals visiting our website or completing a registration form, but all such user data will be aggregated before sharing to rule out any possible identification of any individual.



Disclosure to Law Enforcement

21st Thailand may disclose any subscriber information to relevant law enforcement agencies or regulatory bodies without any further consent or notification to the subscriber upon lawful request from such agencies. We will cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies.



Privacy Options

You may use the following options to manage your privacy on our Site and Services:



Third Party Links

Please acknowledge that the Site, Emails, and Services may contain ads or links to third party websites, services, or content. Such links may be incorporated to provide useful information regarding domain registration or helping you make well-informed decisions. However, we do not have any control over the terms and conditions governing third party websites, services, or content. You should carefully review the privacy policies and practices of the respective third parties before using their services.


Publishing links or ads to third party services or content shall never denote that we are endorsing or recommending any product, service, or content, including the views, reviews, suggestions, recommendations, or information being featured or made available by linked websites. 21st Thailand shall not be liable for any claims, damages, or liabilities that may arise in relation to your access, reliance, or use of third-party websites, products, services, or content.




The Site and Services are not intended for minors. We do not knowingly communicate or collect any personal information from minors who are less than 13 years of age, or whom are under an age deemed as being an‘adult’ in your jurisdiction. Minors may access the Site and Services only under the supervision and guidance of their legal guardians.


However, if you feel that any minor has submitted his or her personal information, whether accidentally or otherwise, you may contact our support team and request removal of such information from our server.



Changes to this Policy

21st Thailand reserves a right to modify or replace this Privacy Policy at any time. If any substantial changes take place, we will publish an update notification on this Page and take other commercially reasonable steps to draw your attention to such policy changes.


Any changes to our Privacy Policy will be placed here and will supersede this version of our Policy. So, we suggest that you should regularly visit this Page and review the policy modifications, if any, to ensure that it still meets with your approval.



Contacting Us

If you have any questions or you want any further explanation of our Privacy Policy, please contact us at “info [at]”. You can also contact us for correcting any factual errors or remove your personal information from any list under our control.


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