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Thailand VPS Hosting
– Built for Speed and to be Scalable –

With solid state drives (SSDs), these Bangkok Virtual Private Servers provide the power that developers, designers, and medium-sized businesses desire. They are a faster and more stable solution for running advanced websites and applications.

All VPS Thailand Plans Include

Linux VPS Systems

Plans come with Linux systems (like CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu) that are sure to receive many years of updates, which means more security and less downtime. These systems are also excellent for working with software libraries. Each VPS server in Thailand is created using Linux Containers (LXC).

Full Control

By securing a VPS in Thailand, you take control and get access to setup the server how you choose, manage backups, and reboot the system. Resources are assigned as you choose (can be upgraded/downgraded), to ensure that hosted websites stay fast and online.

Unlimited Support

All plans are backed by a team of server specialists and front-line customer service team; ready to help you year-round. These specialists are experienced and highly knowledgeable – to help with any aspects you can’t figure out yourself, or would like to confirm before trying.

Thailand VPS – Package Options

Starter VPS
For Growing Websites
  • 512MB — 1.5GB RAM
  • 1 CPU Core @3.5 GHz
  • 20-30GB Disk Space
  • 1-2TB Transfer Limit
  • 10-30GB Backup Storage
Business VPS
For Developed Businesses
  • 2-3GB RAM
  • 1-2 CPU Cores @3.5 GHz
  • 40-60GB Disk Space
  • 2-4TB Transfer Limit
  • 20-60GB Backup Storage
Advanced VPS
For High Traffic & Resource-Intensive Sites
  • 4-8GB RAM
  • 2-4 CPU cores @3.5 GHz
  • 80-120GB Disk Space
  • 4-8TB Transfer Limit
  • 40-120GB Backup Storage
VPS Options
Adjustable and Powerful VPSs
Order Options:
  • Discounts (3m-24m)
  • Customizable VPSs
  • Up to 3 IPs
  • Extra Transfer Allowance

* Virtual Private Servers are NOT automatically setup after ordering. These will be setup by our VPS vendors in Thailand as quickly as possible after the order and payment is received. Normally this will happen within 24-48 hours, but may be quicker during quiet times, or slower during particularly busy periods at the data center.

We have also reduced the prices dramatically, in an attempt to provide cheap virtual server Asia plans that can fit anyone’s budget. These are all still Bangkok VPS plans, and just as powerful as before, only now available at much cheaper prices.

Servers Grow with Your Online Needs:

Perfectly scalable solutions with adjustable RAM and hard drive space, plus unlimited domains and bandwidth. You also get a dedicated IP address and a server that’s physically based in Bangkok.


Scale-able RAM & CPUs

Starting at 512mb of RAM, plans can easily be scaled. Increase the speed and processing power of your VPS server in Thailand with up to 4 CPUs.

Large Bandwidth

Big traffic data limits apply, giving your website or app maximum exposure. We allow large bandwidth usage. All we ask is that you play nice.

SSD Storage

SSD drives are much faster than standard SATA disk drives. All our plans use high performance SSD drives, with storage from 10GB upwards.

Unlimited Domains

Host as many domains and sites as you’d like. This is perfect for designers and developers who make websites and apps for clients.

Pricing that Makes Sense

All plans include:
1 Dedicated IP Address,
High Network Uptime,
Year-Round Tech Support

Linux CentOS, Debian, or Ubuntu

Talk to a VPS Specialist Today

If you have additional questions or would like to Talk with a Specialist, feel free to Contact Us.

More About Thai VPS Hosting

A VPS is a virtual private server. It means that you get your own portion of a larger server’s resources. These resources are yours and yours alone, so other websites hosted on the server can’t affect how your website or application will run in your virtual server.

Because private servers have dedicated resources, they are more stable and more powerful that using shared hosting plans. However, the dedicated resources do also mean there is some increase in cost when compared to shared hosting plans.

How is a VPS different to a Dedicated Server?

Thailand VPS image of connectivity between devices.

A virtual private server isn’t a an entire physical server. These virtual server setups are normally created on powerful enterprise level servers. The underlying servers have far more power than average consumer level dedicated servers, and so can support multiple VPS setups with ease.

Virtual boxes are created for each virtual server, to ensure each will act independently (like a dedicated server).

Each virtual server setup will have a certain amount of resources assigned to it, which are separated from all other setups. This allows for it to operate without being affected by other customers on the same server. Because resources are assigned to each plan, the owner has much more control over performance. It acts like a dedicated server, it just isn’t an individual entire server.

The owner will also have ‘almost’ unrestricted access, allowing them to fully configure their virtual private server in Thailand to provide the best website or app experiences to their customers. Most that choose VPS hosting in Thailand are targeting customers located in Thailand or nearby Asian countries.

However, with one of our Thailand dedicated server plans, the client has complete control over the entire server. In most cases, dedicated servers are used when high levels of power and customization are required. This level of control and separation also comes at a higher price.

It is also more difficult to upgrade resources, as the server would need to have physical resources added to it, or you would need to move everything to a completely new server.

How do you know when it is time to change to your own server?

Most people come to make this decision in one of two ways. One way is that an existing website or WordPress blog is hitting resource limits of shared hosting and/or slowing down significantly. This is often a key indicator that it is time to upgrade. The other way is that a larger project or expansion is planned and so the company decides to start things off with more resources through a server.

However, moving to a virtual server can be a little daunting. As these systems are normally up to the owner to setup (they do not include cPanel as standard). Therefore, it is wise to research this issue or hire someone that can setup a server. Of course, if you are an expert yourself, there is no problem at all.

The server team will answer any technical issues and support you in getting setup, but they do not provide managed services.

Benefits of a VPS Thailand

Pricing – Thailand VPS server hosting is more affordable than dedicated servers and with more power than shared hosting. We try to offer the most affordable plans.

Flexibility – Thai VPS hosting is also easy to upgrade, as you do not need to change servers, you can simply request that the resources applied to your chosen plan are increased. Everything stays live and you get more power in a hassle free way.

Power – Some of our plans are as powerful as starter dedicated servers, allowing you to get almost equal control and power at a fraction of the cost.

WordPress FriendlyWordPress websites can be easily installed via the manual method of installing the CMS, allowing for easy setup.

Protection from Neighbor Websites – Being on a VPS server Thailand means that you have your own dedicated IP and resources, which separates your plan from all other websites on the server. This is a big improvement from shared hosting, where your neighboring websites could potentially affect the reputation.

How to Choose the Right Plan

If you have an existing website or application running, you should be able to check its current resource usage in order to get an idea of what you will need. cPanel gives statistics down the right-hand side of the home-screen. This can help with determining aspects such as disk space and bandwidth.

Some of the other statistics you might need to experiment with, but as plans can easily have allocated resources upgraded or downgraded, it isn’t hard to do. Simply put, if things aren’t running well, try upgrading. Starting on a monthly plan can help with this aspect, and then change to longer term payments once you are happy.


As server users need higher level technical support than anything else, our customers get direct access to experts. The team is made up of European and Thai professionals with many years of experience. They don’t perform full setups for you, but they do provide excellent technical assistance to help get you online.

Things to consider when choosing your VPS in Thailand:

– CPU Cores and Speeds


– Disk Space for Files

– Disk Space for Backups

– Type of Drive (SSD or Standard HDD or Combined)

– Bandwidth Limits

– Number of IPs (especially if you will host many websites)

With most of the above specifications, more is better. However, if you are on a budget and want a Thai VPS that “just covers your needs”, then you might want to start with the cheapest plan and see how things run. You can always upgrade. That said, if you aren’t on a tight budget, then having too much power will mean that things should continue to run well, even if the website or application becomes popular and gets a lot of visitors.


*Virtual servers are provided by our partner company – with the same setup and support that you would expect from 21st Thailand. Our systems are interlinked and we are working together to provide dedicated specialist support for server clients and separate expert support for shared hosting clients. It is our plan to expand the hosting options in Thailand. Some links on this page may also be affiliate links – these are to allow us to track conversions and we may also receive a percentage of sales, but at no extra cost to buyers.

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