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Best Dedicated Server Thailand Provider

A dedicated server Thailand is a single server devoted to the single user requirement. In the hosting, the user has full control over the server environment. Complete command over the server means you can go for customization as per your requirements.

21st-thailand.com is an ideal choice for the people who want to enhance their business in Thailand with constant web traffic. The dedicated server provides you with constant traffic and flawless and terrific performance. We offer a dedicated server in Thailand that supports all operating systems like Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, etc.

We use the latest technology, and you can get dedicated servers as cheap as 3,900 TBH per month. You will enjoy flawless service at cheap rates, and our claims are backed up by customers’ trust and satisfactory experience. You can buy a 100Mbps dedicated server Asia with different features and specifications at cheap rates.

Why choose the best dedicated server Thailand?

There are many servers and hosting providers in Thailand, and 21st-thailand.com is considered as most reliable dedicated server provider in Thailand. Here are a few of the reasons:


Flawless performance:

Thai dedicated servers only use the latest generation Supermicro hardware to provide dedicated servers in Thailand. It enables the service provider to deliver reliable and flawless performance servers.

Connectivity with several ISPs:

Dedicated servers Thailand provide bandwidth supported by several international and domestic ISPs. Therefore, you will get a stable connection, uninterrupted and fast connectivity round the clock.

Excellent customer service:

We have customer service providers who ensure support round the clock to our prestigious customers. Our customer service is in English for the best customer experience worldwide. Customers can contact us any time through e-mail or support tickets at their convenience.

Compatibility with operating systems:

The servers support all popular operating systems including Windows and Linux.

Console Access:

Every dedicated server comes with an interface for management and console access.

Connected to the best Thai ISPs:

The servers are connected to the major Thai ISPs for super-fast transfer throughout the country.

Full control over the administration

The client can enjoy the entire administrator and full root access.

Flexible payment plan:

There is a variety of payment plans that are affordable and budget-friendly. You can start from a minimum and add extra options at cheap rates. For instance, one extra IP Address is available for 200 Baht per month. The more you pay up front, the cheaper the price becomes (up to triennially).

Customization according to requirement:

Every business is different, and so does its need. We have servers in stock, ready to match everyone’s needs. However, if you have any special hardware requirements, all you need to do is contact us. You can contact us in chat or email at your convenience and describe your special requirements. We will provide you with the best solution accordingly.

Contact us for more details, or click the order button to see all plan options and discounts.