Guide To Setting Up A Small Business Website

Not having a website for your business or company can lead to loss of potential revenue and customers. The excuses of websites being too expensive or complicated to build are no longer valid, especially with a lot of free platforms for developing websites. Below are some steps to guide you in creating a small business site.
Step 1: Choose and Register the Domain Name of Your Business Website

The first step to take is to choose a name for your website. After choosing a name for your website, you need to find out if the business name is available by entering it into a domain search tool, this tool will let you know if your business name is available or not.
Tips for finding domains for business websites

If your business domain name is not available (meaning it has been taken), here are a few tips to tips to keep in mind when searching for an alternative name:

• Domain names are vital of search engines such as Google. If possible, it should contain words people might use when searching for your business or services and products you sell.

• A domain name should be easy to remember and to pronounce. The name should be as short as possible, and you should avoid using punctuation such as dashes.

• Use location to add uniqueness to your URL. If there are no more options for you to make, add the name of your city or location to your domain.

Once you have finalized on the domain you want for your business, you have to register it, so someone else won’t claim it. Our Thailand web hosting services are good places to search and register your domain name, and once paid for, it will be automatically setup to work with your hosting plan.
Step 2: Choose the Platform that is Suitable for You

Choosing a suitable platform depends on how time much you have, how technologically inclined you are, how much money you are willing to spend, and what you want to do with your site. There are several platforms you can use to create your website, and one of them is WordPress.
Creating a WordPress Site

If you are technologically minded, and you want access to a lot of functionalities and features, then the right platform for you is WordPress. It’s one of the most popular site engines, and it has a lot of plugins to give you the additional features you need. This is a very popular platform due to both the many features it offers, and ease of use for newbies.
Step 3: Outline the Content of Your Website

After choosing your business name, choosing the suitable platform and website hosting in Thailand for your site, the next thing you need to do is to decide the content of your website. Business sites usually follow a standard format which is Homepage, Products and Services, About Us, and Contact Us. So you have to figure out images, contents, and text you will include in those pages (at a minimum).
Step 4: Choose a Logo

You should get a logo that has font, colors, and style that will attract people to your site. There should be a consistent theme between your web pages and your logos.
Once this is all setup, you may also want to consider someone for SEO and marketing. However, that part will depend on your business. Having an attractive website alone can greatly increase customer confidence and sales.
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