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Thailand Web Hosting – Why is local hosting important?

Web hosting in Thailand has improved dramatically over the last 10 years. The reliability and speed is now of a high standard. Hosting locally, therefor, has become a key business move for many Thai and Asian businesses. By hosting in Thailand, businesses gain faster local speeds and often get higher speed access in other Asian countries. This, in turn, can lead to more customer conversions for businesses that host their website in Thailand.

How can hosting your website locally lead to more customers?

Well, it’s simple really. When you are on your PC or phone, how long do you wait for a page to load? It rarely exceeds a few seconds for most users. When your website is in the USA, or on hosting in Europe, international internet (bandwidth) restrictions and issues can mean that the website is loading well in the USA/Europe, but is slow in Asia. However, move the website in country and you benefit from blazing fast speeds in Thailand and throughout most of Asia. Sure, global DNS and nodes around the world can help to increase speeds in other areas, but the closer your website is hosted to the customer, the better it should respond.

This helps to get people on to your page, to give them what they want faster, and ‘most likely’ will provide you with more paying customers: as less will give up before your website loads – but, it is up to you to make your website convert visitors into customers. Think about all the money you could be losing if even 30% of visitors don’t wait for your website to load now, and how much more you could earn by gaining 30% more visitors that are interested in your product/service (after all, they likely found it in Google, Bing etc.).

The servers that we use are high end servers, unlike many of our competitors that still use old technology to keep their costs low. We believe there is a bright future for Thai hosting, where people from around the world choose to host in Thailand because of the speed, reliability and customer service provided. By being one of our customers, you are helping us work towards that goal. Thank you.
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